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Clipper Ship Intarsia Wood Table Decor.
The Handcrafted

Clipper Ship Intarsia Wood Table Decor

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Hand Crafted Intarsia Wood Table Decor - Clipper
CODE: TD1007
L=5.9", W=3.9", H=2"
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Product Description:
This table decor is a beautifully handcrafted, high quality workmanship, and made of different natural woods (all colors are natural woods. Nothing is painted).
Intarsia Wood Art Hand Carved In Vietnam, each box is unique. Intarsia Wood Inlay Design. Natural wood colors, no painting. Three dimensional wood inlay beautiful and functional Secret compartment inside puzzle box
This beautiful piece of intarsia wood art was hand carved starting from a solid piece of wood, and then the inside was carved out to create a space for keeping small things like jewelry, trinkets, or whatever you see fit. The inside lid for the puzzle box was also hand carved. The most beautiful part is the cover, which is made from many different pieces of hand carved wood with different thicknesses and colors, giving the piece its gorgeous three dimensional look.
The colors you see are the natural colors of the different types of wood that were used to make the piece. To open the puzzle box, first remove the key (found near the edge) and then slide the cover off. Then open the lid to reveal the inner compartment. Since each puzzle box is individually hand carved, each box is unique. For this reason, the actual piece you receive may be slightly different than what you see pictured. However, they all turn out beautifully and we are confident you will be very happy with the quality and beauty of the finished piece you receive. This intarsia puzzle box is a great addition for puzzle box collectors, a nice addition to your home decor, or as a unique gift for someone special.
This table decor makes a great gift for that special someone.